Apple M1

For years now Apple has been manufacturing chips for their phones and tablets so it should not have come as a surprise that they announced they were going to release a chip for their laptops and desktops.

Apple released the first batch of devices with the M1 inside back in the Fall of 2020. Everyone seemed a little skeptical but as the benchmarks trickle out, what Apple has done is nothing short of amazing.

Speed & Efficiency

The M1 is beating all desktop chips with its raw speed and efficiency.

As a 1.0 product, there is a lot more to look forward to from Apple’s chip design team.

What’s Next

Stepping back to look at this success, one can only wonder what’s next and look forward to the next device releases in 2021.

Even a conservative assumption means that Apple will blow Intel, AMD and Microsoft out of the water with their next iteration of systems.

Looking at the iPhone and iPad chip trajectories over the past several years is very encouraging when thinking about where the M1 can go from here and how quickly it can revolutionize laptop and desktop systems.

If Apple were to release a true server version of their silicon with an OS to go with it, that would be a game changer for that market.