Pict Up

Picture Placement Assistant


Pict Up is a new utility that assists with placing pictures on your walls properly. You can load in a picture of your wall as well as pictures of your pictures to see how things will actually look before hammering the first nail or sticking the first command strip.

Pict Up understands the best height and placement for pictures so you don’t have them too high or too low on your wall. It can also handle placing multiple pictures on the wall either together or staggered across the wall.

Pict Up even understands how to best place sectional pictures on the wall. Give it a try!


Image Viewer

rView is a simple, fast image viewing utility that allows you to walk through image folders and view all the images in the folder one at a time – either in order or randomly.

If the folder contains zip files of images, rView will randomize the zip file viewed and the image within the zip file viewed for a completely random look through the images.

Additionally, rView can open a folder and walk through the sub-folders showing random images from random sub-folders as if they were zip files of images!