About SnoopSoft

Utilities and Widgets


We launched SnoopSoft Dashboard for the Windows handheld market and it catapulted to the #1 downloaded app in just a few months and remained there for two years.


Since then we’ve continued to develop utilities that fill gaps in the market.


At SnoopSoft, we’re constantly thinking up and developing apps that fill gaps in functionality left by device manufacturers. From phones and tablets to desktop computers, if we’ve found a productivity deficiency we’ve tried to fill it.


SnoopSoft was established to provide enjoyable, economical software to the desktop and mobile device markets. Our blockbuster app, SnoopSoft Dashboard was OEM’d and distributed worldwide as a default application on handheld devices.


The Utilities

Fun You Can Rely On


SnoopSoft is known for developing fun utilities that add new dimensions to your device. 


Not content with the status-quo, use SnoopSoft utilities and widgets to bring some fun into your environment. Our picture hanging tool brings your digital world and physical world together to help you get things done and visualize it interactively.